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For those who have heard the Legend of Sacred Spring, you know that the gentle flow of water to the Legendary Sacred Spring provided the key to the mystery.  Here is a simplified pictorial display of what Tom Clark found as he traced the path of the spring water toward its origin.

 Beginning at the bottom and working up we see several different layers of materials, each one representing millions of years in our Earth’s history.


Pocket G

Pocket F

Pocket E

Pocket D

Pocket C

Pocket B

                  Purifying Layer A

As water progressed from its underground aquifer it passed through a purifying layer.  This first layer contained properties that removed undesirable minerals acquired from its underground source.  From there it passed through several pockets sequentially, acquiring elements from the mineralized remains of vegetation indigenous to the area during different times over millions of years throughout the Mesozoic Era.  T. J. Clark's Legendary Colloidal Minerals provides a very unique picture of our Earths biological  history.

As the water passed through pocket B it acquired uniquely arranged groups of elements, from there it proceeded to pocket C where it added and bound with an additional group of uniquely arranged elements.  From there it underwent the same process through pockets D, E, F and then G before arriving at the fountainhead of Sacred Spring. The natural processes of the Earth produced a phytochemical complex that no Modern Day Chemist can duplicate. The active phyto-nutrients of T. J. Clark's Legendary Colloidal Minerals are like nothing else available in today's modern world.



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